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CARREFOUR DE L'ELECTRONIQUE exposition ELMITECH was present at the exposotion Carrefour De l'Electronique ,porte de Versailles, Paris, Fran...

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Control 3D coplanarity

This operation allows to reduce,  to eliminate, any risk of rejection of a SMD's component during theboardassembly  on production lines.

ELMITECH arranges the best equipments specialized in the control of parts, Gull wing, J-lead, CMS, BGA,  before their insertion over CI.

Lead Scanning:
Damaged leads are a primary reason for failures in electronic manufacturing. ELMITECH uses automated lead scanning systems to verify that tolerances adhere to manufacturer or customer specifications. Lead scanning lowers parts per million (PPM) levels and increases product yields.

Packages : BGA - CSP

Packages: SOP - TSOP - QFP