EMITECH 2013 closures ELMITECH 2013 closures...

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CARREFOUR DE L'ELECTRONIQUE exposition ELMITECH was present at the exposotion Carrefour De l'Electronique ,porte de Versailles, Paris, Fran...

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Identification / Mark

The identification of rooms(parts,plays) is realized, by default on automatic machine, by a marking laser. The latter presents the advantage to resist the heat, to be able to be made on small cases, without residue of glue, without manipulation.

It is however possible to identify components, according to the indications of the customers, by means of labels (standards or kapton high temperature 260°C), or still by a paint marker.

The engravers laser can be also used for the disappearance of former(old) markings on components.

Labels are generated using industry standard thermal printing systems. Labelling can incorporate any size font together with company logo, or copyright information.Labels are printed on Kapton, White polyester or paper labels to your specification.

Ink Marking
Small devices e.g. SO8, SO14 package styles which are too small to accommodate a label, can either be laser marked or with a color point.

Bar Coding
All product is shipped with bar coded labels on reels, bags, and cartons to your specification.